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To some, “warmth” can mean sharing a comforting smile with a stranger. To others, it’s cherishing moments with loved ones. But to a few, it can simply be the often forgotten luxury of physical warmth. Winter can be harsh at times. Although the first snowfall can be magical, the rest of winter can be a long and unforgiving journey for those who are less fortunate. With the brisk season approaching, thousands of local children are struggling to stay warm in our very own communities.

In this cold but hopeful season, give the gift of warmth. Cradles to Crayons' Gear Up for Winter program offers an opportunity to give back to the local community by distributing warm winter essentials to families in need. A thick coat. A warm hat. A pair of gloves. Anything can help and you make a difference! Every child deserves to enjoy festivities of winter, in warmth. It is said that experiencing physical warmth promotes interpersonal warmth, helping us build better bonds with one another. So, let us give the gift of warmth this season.

Mr. Perrin majored in Political Science and History at Florida Atlantic University. This is his first year as a substitute teacher with EOC. Julian believes that being a Substitute Teacher is important because it provides a constant flow of education for the students in the teachers’ absence. Providing students with a positive and progressive education is essential, which is why he choose a career in education. He enjoys teaching and grateful for the positive connections he has made with students. Julian is reliable, does whatever it takes to get the job done and not afford to go above and beyond what is expected of him. Students see Julian as a teacher who can relate to them. He’s someone who’s caring, approachable, supportive and makes learning Geometry easy. 

"Thank you so much for naming me Substitute of the Month. It has been a pleasure working for Educators On Call."