Daily Archives: February 1, 2019

How long have you been a substitute teacher? 8 Months.

Why did you choose education as a career? Helping direct young minds is not just a position, but an honor for me. To be part of the process of helping someone find their potential can be a responsibility but it's an interesting challenge as well. The prospects for education sometimes seems not so bright in this nation, with less people interested in teaching, shortages and various other issues. It is becoming, in some senses, harder to become a teacher. However, it is such an important position.

What is your fondest memory of a substitute teacher? My fondest memory was when a student expressed their love for my teaching style to a fellow teacher. It was a proud moment for me to hear that I had clearly explained the subject to that student in memorable way. Its flattering and needed since getting good feedback is part of what keeps teachers going. Another funny memory that stays with me is when students call the x-axis the "ex-axis" and pi, "pie!"

Why is being a substitute teacher important? It gives teachers important experiences, both in their skills and in finding the school that he/she likes. Secondly, for students, it offers exposure to a range of people, which broadens their outlook in multiple manners. Substitute Days can be seen as "lost" teaching days, but good subs can change that perspective!

Would you like to share anything else?I like music, gardening and I'm a closet Barry Manilow fan! It's so important to lead a balanced life, so I always encourage my students to pursue different interests too. I also like to explore different cultures and learn new languages. I enjoy learning about history and the importance of connecting to one's roots.