Daily Archives: February 28, 2019

Happy Black History Month! We are eager to be celebrating the great heroes whose struggles have become our change. This month, we are putting the spotlight on the resilient Black women, who’ve contributed so much to our culture, history, and progress.

Mary McLeod Bethune, The Educator. She dedicated her life to the world of education by starting a private school for African American youth in Daytona Beach, Florida and even became a co-founder of an organization that funds scholarships for black students. Maya Angelou, The Artist. With her passionate ability to write such powerful poetry so eloquently, Ms. Angelou took on the great responsibility of impacting the culture. Marian Wright Edelman, The Activist. She made great strides in becoming a change maker for children’s rights and became a voice for poor children, children of color, and children with disabilities when she founded the Children’s Defense Fund. Michelle Obama, The Leader. As the very first African American first lady, she pushes others to become the best versions of themselves while advocating for higher education, healthy living, and poverty awareness.

Each and every day, we are given endless opportunities to make our mark in the world. Let us take encouragement from the accomplishments of these great leaders and become the change!

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