“The substitutes we’ve gotten from “Educators on Call” are always prompt and professional. It makes life a lot easier for me when a teacher calls out.
Assistant Principal of Instruction, K-5
Grover Cleveland Elementary-Mastery Charter School

“Educators on Call provides highly sought after candidates in a quick turnaround time. They are the consummate professionals and I recommend them without reservation!”

School Services Imhotep Charter High School

“Educators On Call has impressed me with their direct and timely communication, something that I absolutely depend on when using substitute teachers. My emails and phone calls for teachers are confirmed quickly, with a specific teacher name so that I can plan around it. The teachers have been responsive to my feedback and work to follow the rules of our school and the specific classroom.”
Assistant Principal of HS Instruction
Hardy Williams HS-Mastery Charter School

“The Maritime Academy Charter School students have benefitted greatly from the professional, resourceful, well-prepared Substitute Teachers from Educators on Call that have worked at our school this year. With these guest teachers, students were assured continuity in meaningful instruction.”
Director, Human Resources
Maritime Academy Charter School

“Educators On Call is responsive to our needs as a school. Each sub arrives to work before school starts to prepare themselves for the day. We are grateful to know our students are provided strong educators when their teacher is out for the day.“
Assistant Principal of Instruction
Smedley Elementary-Mastery Charter School

“I have had the pleasure of working with Educators on Call since February 2013. I can’t say enough about the professionalism of this organization. I have had the pleasure of working with several of the substitutes that were sent to cover some of our classrooms and I loved them. The Principals have requested them on several occasions because of the way they interact with the students. Their substitutes are proactive, well organized and dedicated to assuring that the students complete lesson plans that are provided. It is a joy to have them without any worries.”
Substitute Coordinator
West Oak Lane Charter School