Meet our summer intern, Joe:

Working at Educators on Call this summer was a fantastic hands-on experience for my ambitions to pursue a career in Marketing. Tara and Julie, the stellar on-site staff, never spared an opportunity to share valuable advice or answer any of my questions. One of my favorite parts of the internship was the independent yet supportive work environment fostered in the office. As a Philosophy, Politics, and Economics major at UPenn, my background in marketing is sparse, to say the least, but working with Julie fast-tracked my understanding of the industry, as well as provided keen insights I could not have received in a classroom.

I also was lucky enough to work with the company during a period of growth in the midst of their expansion to staff more schools and recruit more teachers. One of my primary objectives this summer was to promote our first ever Educator Career Fair this October (the 11th, which by the way you should totally go to) through social media, email, and phone marketing. So much of the company's blood, sweat and tears have gone into planning this one event, alongside the school expansion plans. One of the most important lessons I learned from this endeavor is that when you achieve success, your problems do not go away, they only grow to a larger scale. Nevertheless, the feeling of achievement is amazing and I would not want to share it with a different team.

Moving into my senior year, I am glad I had the opportunity to help a company as driven, honest, and fun as Educators on Call to prepare me for the workforce after college. Thanks to everyone have a great school year!