1.Get Organized
Arrive early and prepare your space well. A clear space means a clear mind. Write out a plan on the chalkboard, to let yourself and your students know that you are ready to take on the day!

2. Get to Know Your Students
When you first step foot in the classroom, you are a stranger to the students. Break the ice with a quick activity to get to know them a bit and build trust their trust. When you respect your students, they’ll be more likely to respect you right back.

3. Plan a Moment of Fun
Students can get tired of the same old dull routine.  Get creative in the classroom and plan a fun activity to include in the day.  Everyone learns differently and it is your job to stimulate each student’s brain.  Explore a little! The possibilities are endless.

4.  Have Your Sub Bag Ready to Go
As a sub, you’ll never know what to expect and want to be prepared for anything. Load up your handy dandy “sub bag” with extra pencils, papers, a dry erase marker, hand sanitizer, stickers, books and other great tools to keep yourself prepared for the classroom.

5. Be Confident
As a sub, confidence is your best friend.  Students can easily spot a “pushover” and will do everything in their power to get their way.  Making a strong first impression will do you wonders.  Establishing your own worth in the classroom will allow your students to recognize it as well and will have them more likely to follow directions.  Your confidence and positivity will be contagious and will get your students motivated to learn!