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Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Guest & Assistant Teachers

  • Pennsylvania Child Abuse Clearance History (Act 151) within the year

  • FBI Criminal History Record (Act 114) within the year

  • Proof of a TB test or chest x-ray within the year

  • Physical within the year

  • Infant/child CPR and First Aid certification

  • Complete all required online training within 2 weeks of hire (approximately 6 hours)


  • Classroom management and supervision

  • Implement lesson plans and assess progress

  • Arrive early to prepare materials and classrooms for class activities and conduct all activities in a safe, organized, and productive manner.

  • Create an environment that balances hands-on, child-led learning with teacher-guided lessons.

  • Support children with personal care, hygiene, and positive discipline

  • When needed, create your own activities which balance physical, social, and emotional growth using materials and resources allowing children to explore, manipulate, and use, both in learning activities and in active play.

  • Actively engage in activities; manage cleanliness, maintenance, and availability of classroom materials.

  • Follow all policies and procedures of each client site and state regulations regarding ECE classrooms.

  • Ability to adapt to changes and handle other duties as the need arises

Every educator on our team MUST BE:

  • Dependable and reliable

  • People-oriented and enjoy interacting with people

  • Adaptable & flexible -- enjoy doing work that requires frequent shifts in direction

  • Passionate about working with children and making a difference in every classroom they enter.

  • Ready to EDUCATE & INSPIRE


  • Competitive Bi-weekly pay

  • Flexibility

  • Exposure

  • Experience

  • Opportunity for advancement to permanent positions with our clients


Enhance valuable skills:

  • Instruction

  • lesson plan implementation

  • Classroom & behavior management

  • Student engagement

  • Documentation

  • Time management


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