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K-12 Guest Teacher

An Educators On Call guest teacher is responsible for providing instruction, managing the classroom environment, and promoting student learning in the absence of the regular classroom teacher. Substitute teachers must implement teacher lesson plans, assign students classwork and homework, and maintain classroom control and discipline. Substitute teachers must also complete a daily report or evaluation to communicate any pertinent information resulting from the day's events to the permanent classroom teacher.

A bachelor’s degree, in any content area, is required (an education degree is preferred) for this charter school guest teacher position, in Pennsylvania.

Educators On Call guest teachers provide coverage for Charter Schools in grades K – 12. Content areas include, but are not limited to math, science, social studies, English/language arts, foreign language, special education & technology.



  • Guest Teachers will manage and supervise students grades K-12.

  • Maintain and establish a safe classroom environment, promoting active learning.

  • Guest Teachers will execute lessons provided by absent Teachers.

  • Plan and teach lessons in the event that there is no lesson plan provided.

  • Guest Teachers will adhere to facility, daily, and school schedules.

  • Respond to the questions and needs of students based on ability level.

  • Guest Teachers will maintain a broad knowledge of all facets related to the teaching/educating assignment as related to the subject and grade level of the students (K-12).

  • Additional responsibilities may be assigned to the Guest Teacher as needed by the school.


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