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A Virtual Teacher's Guide to Surviving December

Educators, we've made it to December! We've faced many challenges in the world of virtual learning and continue to thrive! Even though 2020 has brought us several restrictions, let's end this year on a memorable note for our students! Here are some great resources to get you through the holiday season with your virtual classroom.


Get into the holiday spirit with reading. Check out these awesome FREE Christmas Read Alouds from Just Books! This collection includes several classics and gives you a variety of stories to choose from, to keep the classroom jolly and bright! Just click on any book you like and have a narrator read the story aloud to your students. This is a fun and interactive way to bring in the holiday while practicing students' reading and listening skills!

Check out Teacher Planet for plenty of lessons and printables related to Kwanzaa! There are tons of free resources and options for you to choose from. These activities are centered around the seven days of Kwanzaa which represent seven very important principles of the culture. The holiday's seven principles are also great principles to incorporate into the classroom.

Scholastic has put together this amazing virtual resource to teach students about the history of Hanukkah. This activity is made for students in grades 1-8. Students have the opportunity to explore the interactive scrapbook and learn all about the importance of the various Hanukkah traditions.

Download this FREE Division Tree drawing challenge activity for students in grades 2-5. Practice basic math operations with your students all while creating a fun and festive piece of artwork. Students can practice their division (with one-digit denominators) skills. They will follow the directions given on the printable to solve the division problems and while doing so, create a unique wintery scene!

Here are 20 fun winter-themed paper plate craft ideas to try with your students this holiday season! This project ensures that your students will still get to create a unique holiday craft using minimal materials, that are easily found at home!

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