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Back to School Tips for Teachers

Build Structure

With all the craziness of the classroom, it can be easy to get caught up spending too much energy on one task or routine, alone. This is why it's so important to organize your thoughts, rules and expectations before you get to class. Students can sense disorganization and will take advantage where they can. Build structure and create a solid routine to make it easier on everyone. Establish your classroom rules and stick by them. Try getting your rules printed and post them on the wall as a gentle reminder. Be sure to inform your students on the consequences of breaking these class rules as well. Create an efficient routine for attendance, lunchtime, walking in the hallway, break time, and more. It may seem silly at first but you'll quickly realize how important it is. Every classroom is different so you'll be able to get better idea once you get to learn your students more and understand what works best for them.

Fun Icebreakers

The first couple months be anxiety ridden for several students. Try easing into the flow of things with a friendly classroom ice breaker. Getting the students acquainted with you, as well as other students, will jumpstart the setting of a positive learning environment. Here are some engaging icebreakers that will certainly be memorable . For a younger class, you may want to try getting the ball rolling with some movement. Here are some fun icebreakers to get the students up and active.

Have Printables & Worksheets Ready

Prep your worksheets and printables ahead of time. These are great for days when you need a little bit of inspiration. Printables are a great way to introduce fun characters, stories or new methods to your students. Since every child's learning style is different, this will help you identify your students' style. Here's a great resource to snag printables from for K-8th grade classrooms.

Prep the Classroom Environment

Set yourself and your students up for success with a well organized and memorable classroom environment. A classroom theme or fun decorations can help spruce up the environment and get your students excited about learning. Here are some creative ways to jazz up your classroom this year. Laminate your class rules and other important posters around the classroom to give everything a clean and polished look. Another important step in classroom prep is your seating arrangement! Be sure to find the perfect placement for your desk, so that you're able to properly oversee the students.

Focus on Self-Care

Throughout the school day, remember to focus on your own self-care. Breathe when you find yourself in an overwhelming situation in the classroom. Remind yourself that you are worthy and continue conquer the day. Be sure to unwind and take breaks when needed. The light you create within yourself will surely reflect onto your students. Shine bright and spark a passion for learning!

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