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Guest Teacher Resource | Make Worksheets Fun!

As a guest teacher filler activities are essential to keeping students engaged when there is not enough work for the entire time you're in the classroom or most importantly when there is no work left at all. EOC believes that guest teachers should always help students have a fun and productive day even though their permanent teacher is not present. Worksheets are great resources but eventually they can get boring. Angela Watson, National Board Certified Teacher, author and host of Truth for Teachers podcast shares 5 no prep ways to turn just about any worksheet into a collaborative critical-thinking activity that’s fun and includes higher level thinking skills.

The strategies that Angela shares can work for grades 3-12 and can be modified for students who aren’t yet reading/writing independently. The best part is that her tips are engaging for kids and FUN. They'll ensure you leave a memorable impression as a guest teacher in any classroom.

Read Angela's tips here

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