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iFundWomen of Color Campaign

Educators On Call is so proud to share that we were selected for the @Caress & @IFundWomen of Color COVID-19 Grant Program! #ifundwomenofcolor is a platform dedicated to supporting diverse entrepreneurs with access to the capital, coaching, and connections needed to launch and grow successful businesses. They've recognized the many disadvantages that women of color may face during the time of COVID-19 and have chosen to assist some of these women. We are so grateful to be a part of this group.

We are currently raising funds to support families with student learning. As we are hosting Pod Programs (In-Person Pods & Remote Pods), we are seeking to provide students with academic enrichment and provide support to keep them on track, even with the current quarantine in place. Donations can be made to sponsor students who are anticipating our services. #ifundwomenofcolor's fundraiser will most definitely help us service our students and staff in a great way! We can all work together to ensure that education is valued and student success is taken as seriously as it should be.

Click on the button below to learn more about

our mission and fund our campaign:

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