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Starting 2022 Right!

Get In-Tune with Your Emotions

Encourage your students to better recognize their emotions. Students should learn how to sense that something is wrong and be able to redirect their emotions towards something productive. This can not only help themselves but the whole environment of the classroom. Having strong emotional intelligence will help in managing feelings of sadness & anger, overall self-control, class rules, friendships and much more. Check out these amazing resources students and teachers can use for emotional self assessment:

Set Behavioral Goals with a Reward System

Along with supporting your students with their emotional self assessments and personal growth, let them know that you’re recognizing their behavioral changes. Let them know that they are seen and heard; that their good behavior does not go unnoticed! Acknowledge when you notice them setting good boundaries, establishing healthy friendships and practicing patience in the classroom. Perhaps a reward system can be implemented to create some sort of incentive for the students to look forward to. Check out these ideas for reward systems for the classroom.

Create a Bucket List for the Year

Have your students create a bucket list of personal goals as well as educational goals for 2022. There are so many wonderful things to be done! Remind your students that they are capable of greatness. They can do whatever they put their minds to. This is your chance to encourage them to explore their personalities, their likes and dislike and ponder upon who they want to be. Try reviewing this cool Kids Bucket List to spark these great minds.

Join a Club or Sport in the New Year

As you encourage your students to discover themselves, have them narrow down a sport or club they might like to join this year. It's so great to have children involved in extracurricular activities. This allows them to have a better understanding of time management and prioritization. Here are some resources to explore more.

Weekly Vision Journal

Create a weekly vision journal for 2022. Start off by having each student choose their one word resolution for the year. Decorate the front of the journal to reflect all their favorite things and goals for the year, with their one word resolution being in the center of the journal. You can use magazines and newspapers to cut out cool, inspiring words and images for the journal. Here's a helpful resource if you're having trouble picturing it. Have your students check in with themselves every week in the journal with a relevant, goal-centered prompt. Here are some ideas, which will help them to reflect:

  • What went well for you last year?

  • What makes you happy?

  • Name 3 people who inspire you and why.

  • What do you do when you're sad and want to feel better?

  • How will you grow this year?

  • How does this word affect you at home?

  • How does this word affect you at school?

  • What do you wanna be in the new year?

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