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Subs Really Matter

It’s the beginning of the school day and students are rushing to jump into their assigned seats and start their journey in completing the adventurous school year. Pencils have been sharpened, books are out and an eagerness to learn has flooded their young brains. The only thing missing is their main teacher. This is where you come in. As the school year begins, it is so important to remember the importance of the substitute teacher. The role of a sub isn’t just one of a babysitter; it is one that continues to challenge each student in their every day learning routine. Subs provide schools with a consistent learning structure that refuses to disrupt the flow of knowledge. Subs aren’t just a placeholder. Subs really matter.

Here are some useful tips to be a GREAT SUBSTITUTE TEACHER:

Make a Daily Checklist

Make a checklist for your students to promptly follow. Not only does this give them the opportunity to engage with the classroom but it allows them to have a structured routine as well.

Get to Know Each Student

Do your best to learn every name and study every personality. Get to know what works for each individual student. Don’t neglect the quiet ones. Instead, try a different method for engaging them. Treat every child with respect, radiate a desire for their growth and you will surely make a difference.

Keep It Creative

Educators should strive to engage with their students in a new and exciting way each time. Keeping the lesson plans creative, as it engages students and allows them to retain knowledge better. Use online resources to find unique lesson plans.

Connect with Neighboring Teachers

Get to know your neighboring teachers. It is important to introduce yourself and let them know that you're subbing for the day. If an issue or question arises, a neighboring teacher that you've already connected with would provide prompt and useful direction.

Remember your “WHY”

There are surely moments that can get difficult and even make you question yourself. But, don't lose sight of your vision! Remember why you chose this profession. Remember the tremendous value you give to your students and community. In your moments of doubt, try looking at some inspiring artwork or reciting a quote or mantra and remember your "why."

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