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It’s the beginning of the school day and students are rushing to jump into their assigned seats and start their journey in completing the adventurous school year. Pencils have been sharpened, books are out and an eagerness to learn has flooded their young brains. The only thing missing is their main teacher. This is where you come in. As the school year begins, it is so important to remember the importance of the substitute teacher. The role of a sub isn’t just one of a babysitter; it is one that continues to challenge each student in their every day learning routine. Subs provide schools with a consistent learning structure that refuses to disrupt the flow of knowledge. Subs aren’t just a placeholder. Subs really matter.

Here are some useful tips to be a GREAT SUBSTITUTE TEACHER:

Make a Daily Checklist

Make a checklist for your students to promptly follow. Not only does this give them the opportunity to engage with the classroom but it allows them to have a structured routine as well.

Get to Know Each Student

Do your best to learn every name and study every personality. Get to know what works for each individual student. Don’t neglect the quiet ones. Instead, try a different method for engaging them. Treat every child with respect, radiate a desire for their growth and you will surely make a difference.

Keep It Creative

Educators should strive to engage with their students in a new and exciting way each time. Keeping the lesson plans creative, as it engages students and allows them to retain knowledge better. Use online resources to find unique lesson plans.

Connect with Neighboring Teachers

Get to know your neighboring teachers. It is important to introduce yourself and let them know that you're subbing for the day. If an issue or question arises, a neighboring teacher that you've already connected with would provide prompt and useful direction.

Remember your “WHY”

There are surely moments that can get difficult and even make you question yourself. But, don't lose sight of your vision! Remember why you chose this profession. Remember the tremendous value you give to your students and community. In your moments of doubt, try looking at some inspiring artwork or reciting a quote or mantra and remember your "why."

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  • Writer's pictureEducators On Call

Get Into Self-Care

Dedicate some time out of every day to take care of yourself. No excuses, this Summer! Pour yourself a cup of tea each morning and take time to meditate on your goals. Make a to-do list and take on your daily challenges with confidence!

Re-read Your Favorite Book

Re-read all of your favorite books and rediscover the reasons why they’re your favorites! Try journaling and even note your favorite quotes and reflect upon them. Which of these books can you share with your students in the coming school year?


Get involved with the community this Summer! Find new opportunities to get out of the house and get involved. Volunteer with organizations in your local community to help make it a better place for children, like your students, and their families.

Spend Time Outdoors

Soak up the sun this summer and absorb some of the Vitamin D you’ve been lacking this school year! Find a reason to get out daily and stay active. Take time for old and new hobbies. Try a sport, take a walk in the park or just simply sit outside, take in the view and practice your breathing.

Prepare for Next Year

It’s never too early! Reflect on what did and didn’t work this past school year and get better with your technique. Perfect your lesson plans and find new and engaging activities to try with your students in the coming year. Visit and save activities to try out in the Fall. Learning is an experience of growth so always keep challenging your students and yourself.

Relax. You Deserve It!

Rest and relaxation are vital to your daily schedule this Summer. So kick back and really take advantage of the Summer Break. You deserve it! We hope your time away from the classroom will help you reignite your passion for the important work you do, not only as educators but as mentors for the students you will serve this school year.

"Summer is a period of luxurious growth. To be in harmony with the atmosphere of summer, awaken early in the morning and reach to the sun for nourishment to flourish as the gardens do. Work, play, travel, be joyful and grow into selfless service. The bounty of the outside world enters and enlivens us."

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Updated: Mar 25, 2020

How long have you been a substitute teacher? 3 months.

Why did you choose education as a career? I chose a career in education to help urban youth succeed.

What is your fondest memory of being a substitute teacher? When I first started substitute teaching and I was so scared and just remembering that everything will be alright.

Why is being a substitute teacher important? It’s important that you make an impact on a child's life. Even if it’s small, they'll remember that you care and are coming from a genuine place.

Would you like to share anything else? Well, my name is Tyler Sawyer and I am 27 years of age. I have a Psychology degree that I worked really hard on. My hobbies consist of eating lots of Häagen-Dazs coffee ice-cream and watching horror movies. I love to cook & bake and I love baking with my kids. I like to walk a lot and listen to music; I love to stay active! I’m from South Philly so I love a good cheesesteak with cheese wiz and French fries. I also like playing video games, watching T.V. and reading. The book I’m reading right now is “Becoming Michelle Obama” and it’s a great read!

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